Tim Dashwood

Tim Dashwood is the founder of 11 Motion Pictures and its sister companies Dashwood Cinema Solutions and the Toronto-based stereoscopic 3D production company Stereo3D Unlimited Inc.

An accomplished director/cinematographer, editor and stereographer, Dashwood’s diverse range of credits include music videos, commercials, documentaries and feature films, as well as S3D productions for 3net, DirectTV, Discovery Channel and the National Film Board of Canada. He also specializes in the previsualization of live action fight/stunt scenes for large-scale productions such as Kick-Ass, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and Pacific Rim. Recent film credits include the films Air Knob, Bob, The Killer and Academy Award Winner Chris Landreth’s Subconscious Password.


As a developer of award-winning software tools for the film industry, Dashwood created the post-production tools Stereo3D Toolbox & Editor Essentials, and the calibration/analysis/tracking software Stereo3D CAT, winner of an International 3D Society Award for Technical Achievement.


Considered a thought-leader in the disciplines of camera and stereoscopic 3D production technologies, Dashwood has spoken at The National Association of Broadcasters Conference (NAB), IBC, South By Southwest (SXSW), Creative Content World (CCW), AENY, DVExpo, Reel Asian Film Festival, ProFusion, Banff Centre, TFCPUG, CPUG Supermeet, The Toronto Worldwide Short Film Festival and the Toronto International Stereoscopic Conference.


Dashwood graduated with Honours from Sheridan College's Media Arts program in 1995 and attended its Advanced Televison and Film program in 2000/2001 to study with veteran cinematographer Richard Leiterman CSC. He is a member of the Canadian Society of Cinematographers and a board member of the Canadian Chapter of the International 3D & Advanced Imaging Society.  He's also a half-decent guitarist!

Max Putintsev

Director & Cinematographer

Max Putintsev grew up in a family of artists in post-Soviet Ukraine.  This fostered within him a vivid imagination and an appreciation for art.  Moving to Canada as a young man opened the door to working on film sets. Falling in love with visual storytelling, he worked on various productions as a teenager.  Learning from the best mentors in the business, Max quickly developed a reputation for his lighting and has since become a sought-after cinematographer for independent film. An eager and adaptable explorer, Max welcomes challenging and creative projects of various genres and formats.  He draws inspiration from giving stories character and texture through light and shadow.

Sarah Thomas Moffat

Director & Cinematographer  (CSC Assoc, IATSE, WIFT, DOC, PADI)

The cinematography of Sarah Thomas Moffat has reached TIFF, Scotland Highland Film Festival, HMFF, TUFF, CIFF; TIOFF - Best Dramatic Short; LA Movie Awards - Award of Excellence; COMMFFest Global Community Film Festival - Best Documentary; Moving Image Film Festival - Best Documentary; Best Shorts Film Competition – Award of Recognition; We Like ‘em Short Film Festival – Best Cinematography, and more. Her work has been broadcast on Bravo, APTN, Discovery, CBC, MuchMusic as well as commercial air time and online HD web series.

With nearly 20 years in the industry Sarah has done nearly every job there is to do in a camera department. She has also lit and filmed every genre from documentary, to factual, to narrative. Traveling internationally is common with her Canadian and UK citizenships, she has been throughout Europe, Africa, North and South America, and into the Caribbean with her work. Sarah’s specialties include underwater cinematography and extreme environments. Versatility is in Sarah’s experience, and she can flawlessly transition from riding a motorbike in Ontario with a camera, to an interview in an Zambian village with a cancer patient, to lighting a fiction set with actors and rock stars.

Sarah also writes technical columns for print in Canadian Cinematographer and others, while creating her own blog called Teck Vlog.com. Canon invited Sarah to be a Northern Explorer of Light in 2013, which adds to her presentation list along side of her workshops she teaches with independent film making organizations.

Her work ethic is communication, focus and professionalism to see a project through. Sarah describes her brain like this, “In my right brain I am a painter, the director, the visionary. In my left brain I am the tinkerer, the logical, the problem solver. And out in front of my head there blooms a swirl of colour and light from the right, and from the left a mass of lego building the technical support for the vision - and BOOM the 2 collide in front of me and that is when the magic appears. And that is totally exciting!”

By the way, Sarah is Braveheart. Technically Scottish, hence she can invent stuff because they invented everything, and crazed with blue faced passion aboot gie it laldy!


UPDATE: Sarah was recently nominated for a CSC Award for her work on "Glorious" and shot the viral sensation "How to Age Gracefully" for CBC's WireTap.


Nathan Fleet has countless credits to his name as a director, producer, and composer of film and television. With over a decade of experience working in film and a lifetime of music knowledge, Fleet brings a unique understanding of these elements to his projects. Beginning his work in the Super 8 film format in his Canadian hometown, Fleet’s motion picture projects have gone on to be broadcast and screened at festivals around the world. In addition to his film and tv work, 2013 will mark his 8th year as director of the Hamilton Film Festival, jurying at least one hundred independent films each year.


Not one to lock into a particular style of filmmaking, Fleet believes that the style must serve the story. His short drama "Marshmallow" was shot using Super 8 to convey a feeling of a distant memory. "Fvoyer" was shot in one take, with no camera movement to capture the voyeuristic monotony of a police surveillance team. The award winning, air guitar comedy "Air Knob" used straight-on, clever angles and the "wide-medium-close" approach to maintain a battle-like pace between two neighbours on a sleepy suburban street.


This year, Nathan's dedication to the filmmaking community in Hamilton earned him a Hamilton Arts Award nomination and a Creative industries Ambassador nomination.

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